The basic services that Irwin Allen Design Build Inc typically provide are summarized below. The contract for a particular project will usually include a more detailed and comprehensive scope of services, which may vary from this listing.

  • Assist in development of overall project concept;
  • Provide advice on availability of materials, equipment and labour;
  • Evaluate alternative design concepts, materials and systems, taking into consideration construction methods, cost, schedule, quality and performance, including durability, serviceability and maintainability issues;
  • Prepare a work breakdown structure and update it as the design progresses;
  • Prepare a project schedule and update it as the design progresses;
  • Prepare a construction cost estimate and update it as the design progresses.
  • Arrange for and provide temporary services and site facilities;
  • Establish procedures for materials delivery, storage and handling;
  • In coordination with architects, designers and engineers, ensure that all necessary construction permits and approvals are obtained;
  • Provide advice on and coordinate the packaging and sequencing of trade work for bidding;
  • Solicit, receive and evaluate trade contract bids and make award recommendations to the Owner;
  • Arrange for the execution of trade contracts and ensure that required bonding, insurance, etc. is in place;
  • Establish and administer a health and safety program for the site;
  • Coordinate and supervise work of all trade contracts;
  • Perform ‘own forces’ construction work;
  • Expedite the processing of product data, shop drawings and other submittals;
  • Expedite the processing of trade contractor and supplier invoices;
  • Negotiate and process changes in the work, in consultation with the design consultant and Owner.
  • Submit progress reports, including construction cost and schedule updates, to the Owner on a regular basis.
  • Delivery of the premises to the Owner on substantial completion.
  • Inspect the work for defects and deficiencies.
  • Assist the Owner’s operating staff to ensure a smooth take-over.
  • Administer warranties provided by trade contractors and suppliers.
  • Provide ongoing property management on a contract basis for general maintenance and emergency situations.

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